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I’m Ify, a quirky creative on a mission to capture the beauty of flavour! My years of experience as a Nutritionist lends to my deep understanding of the emotional connection that food evokes within each of us. It is a driving factor in the many food choices we make on a daily basis.  My journey into food photography began with a blog I created as an outlet to express my creativity through writing recipes and restaurant reviews. I became intrigued with creating scenes which showcased food in ways that capture an emotion or memory.  

The natural transition was to blend my knowledge of food and passion for photography into a meaningful and greatly fulfilling business. Thus, the Ify Yani brand was born! Offering high quality, affordable and engaging visual content for Food & Drink businesses and brands. Through creative food styling, photography and videography services, I motivate consumers, promote business growth and improve online marketing campaigns. By merging ingredients, colours, shapes and textures into my creative process, I uniquely convey the nature and personality of a brand or product.

Together we can reach your audience and create long lasting impressions.